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Job Opening for Microservices Java Sr Developers (Job code- RT148)

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Position: Microservices Java Sr Developers

  • Around 7+ years of experience in Systems Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of Web and Client/Server using J2EE Framework.
  • Strong knowledge in Core Java (Collections, String handling, Interfaces with implemented methods, Exceptions, Threading etc.).
  • Experience in RESTful web services using Spring/Spring-Boot Frameworks.
  • Hibernate or JPA (Transactions, repositories, keys [One-To-Many, Many-to-Many, Many-to-One] etc.
  • with capability to understand business requirements
  • String hand-on experience in Microservice development and cloud native application development
  • Strong experience in SQL coding for MySQL using procedures/Functions, cursors, triggers and packages.
  • experience with CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Angular, React is a plus.
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